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    • Symbol of : Lord Ganesha…Ruling Planet : Rahu
    • Day of wearing : Monday…Way of wearing : Only one bead of eight Mukhi Rudraksha is enough to be worn. It should be strung in red thread and worn by chanting the mantras.
    • Properties: Sins committed while telling lies get condoned by wearing this. Worn by all those persons who confront obstacles in life and get failures. Also worn with seven mukhi by people having Shani Dhosha.
    • People’s experience: It gives wearer an analytical mind, great understanding and good writing skills.It brings the wearer in fame, excellence in art, leadership qualities and prosperity.
    • Om Hun Namah (Shiva Puran) “Om Sah Hoom Namah” (Padma Puran) “Om kam vam Namah” (Skand Puran) “Om Hreem Shreem Kreem Soam ” “Mahamrityunjai Mantra” (Brahajjalopanishad) “OM. Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti-Vardhanam Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityor Mukshiya Mamritat” “Om Hreem Greem Leem” “Aam Shreem” “Om Namah Shivaya”