Golden Topaz / Sunhela

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  • $40.00
    • Professions: Citrine / Sunela is suppose to have positive effects on Writers, Barristers, Traders, businessman, industrialists, Religious Preachers, Etc…
    • Benefits: Suppose to bring Wisdom, Fortune and knowledge, Protection from Evil Spirits, Fertility, and Erasing Obstruction in finding a suitable match for marriage. Innovate ideas, Mental Balance, and controlling anger are other special benefits related particularly to Citrine Gemstone.
    • Healing Properties: It is called as a Master Healer Gemstone.
    • Ratti Recommendation: 2-2.5 Ratti for children, 3-5 Ratti for teenagers, 5-12 Ratti for adults (Consult a Astrologer, if required)
    • Wearing Finger: Tarjani/Index Finger OR Anamica/Ring Finger.