Lapis Lazuli ( Saturn stone )

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    • Wearing Finger: Preferably Middle or Second Finger of Right Hand, but can be worn in any finger or even as pendant.
    • Professions: Lapis Lazuli/ Lajward is suppose to have great positive effects on the people (especially women) from dance, drama, theatre, art, poetry, music, educationists, politicians, and any other profession where one needs to win heart of their customers.
    • Benefits: It is said to overcome depression and laziness or dullness. Also is very significant to people prone to accidents. A gemstone of love friendship and truth hence enhances trust, loyalty, eliminates negative emotions.
    • Healing Properties: It is a stone that is of significant use in opening the 3rd eye chakra & also provides balance to throat chakra
    • Ratti Recommendation: 3+ Ratti for teenagers, 5-23 Ratti for adults (Consult an Astrologer, if required)