Tiger Stone / Chitti stone

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  • $30.00
    • Ratti Recommendation: 3+ Ratti for teenagers, 5-23 Ratti for adults (Consult an Astrologer, if required)
    • Benefits: It is said to increase mental power, bring happiness and prosperity, effective with people having speech troubles, good for ill and weak individuals. A great stone for strengthening Solar Plexus Chakra .
    • Professions : Tiger Eye/ Chiti is suppose to have great positive effects on Gamblers, Share Market professionals or any other profession that are associated with speculations and risks.
    • Healing properties : Tiger stone is a highly protective stone that embodies a vibration of happiness, optimism and confidence
    • Wearing Finger: Preferably Middle/Second Finger or Third/Ring Finger of Right Hand, but can be worn in any finger or even as pendant.