Divya Shakti Asthadhatu Meru Shree Yantra, Glossy


glossy meru yantra



riyantra is regarded as an identical form of goddess laxmi. This sriyantra has been prepared in ashtadhatu (8 metals). This sriyantra is comprised of 8 metals which represent ashta laxmi (8 forms of laxmi). Those persons who are desirous of having wealth should establish this sriyantra at their home. Sriyantra formulated in the pyramids and in the indian temples assuredly channelise the bio energy continuously. It corrects the aura of an individual, cleans a place from unwanted energy interference, wards off evil, corrects vastu defects, increases happiness and contentment and helps one reach one’s goal in life. This sriyantra energized with cosmic power in the place of worship helps to protect the home. Also brings the benefits of visits to several holy temples. The vibration of ancient temples is now here at your home at the puja (worship) room. Our body is not only a bio-chemical entity. It is a product of bio-chemical and electro magnetic energy fields, wrapped by protective and life sustaining bio-energy exchanges with the cosmos. The proper flow of energy is ensured by sriyantra. The pacified system of sriyantra calls for no restrictive practices or rituals. Its very presence itself is beneficial. Method of use: it can be established on friday in the morning at worship place of home by bathing it by panchamrita or raw milk on a red cloth. Recite following mantra 108 times daily. Suggested mantra: “om shreeng hreeng kleeng mahalaxmyai namah”


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