Divya Shakti Natural Sphatik Crystal Mala- 108+1 Beads Japa /Rosary Mala


Divya Shakti Natural Sphatik Crystal Mala- 108+1 Beads Japa /Rosary Mala



Crystal Rosary also called as Sphatik mala or crystal mala is a set of prayer beads used in counting prayers. This rosary consists of beads made up of crystal. For those who do intellectual type of work and have interest in spiritual activities can use crystal rosary. Crystal rosary balances all the energy chakras while chanting mantras during meditation. Sphatik beads protect and heal negative influences. Sphatik rosary is the best rosary for counting beads while chanting goddess mantras. It is evident and proved that crystal rosaries enhance the aura of the person wearing it. According to the rules of astrology, one can wear crystal rosary either around neck or around fist. It should be stored in a sacred and clean place when it is not in use. Following are the uses of Crystal (Sphatik) Rosaries : It makes your mind calm, It is considered as an effective source with which one can gain proximity with the God, Crystal Rosaries enhances study concentration, Crystal Rosaries reduces stress, Crystal Rosaries cures headaches, It ensures an undisturbed sleep, It takes out all the excessive heat settled in one’s body and mind to make them feel light and liberated, It is very effective for those who find it hard to control their temper.


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