Divya Shakti Real Shyama Tulsi Beads Mala Religious Mala


t is made of tulsi beads
Full length ( all beads ) : 60 cm ( bead size 3 mm each )
Weight : 30 grams approximately



Here is a Mala made of 108 real tulsi beads with guru bead. Mala is the Sanskrit word which means garland and is a string of beads that is commonly used for recitations of Mantras like “OM”, name of God etc. According to the , tradition, a complete mala must have 108 beads. It is also called Japa Mala. The beads are fingered in an automated manner leaving the user free to concentrate on the mantra or prayer. When not in use, store the mala in a special, clean and preferably sacred space such as on a personal alter or statue of a deity. The 109th bead on a mala is called the sumeru, bindu, stupa, or guru bead. Counting should always begin with a bead next to the sumeru. In the Hindu, Vedic tradition, if more than one mala of repetitions is to be done, one changes directions when reaching the sumeru rather than crossing it. The sumeru thus becomes the static point on the mala. You can use it for wearing too. Make your prayer truly divine with this japa mala.


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